Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clipperstreet interview

So I had my interview today at Clipperstreet , I think it went ok. It's so hard to tell when you haven't had a real interview in like over 7 years, and waitressing interviews don't count. I know I was babbling like a brook though lol. I was interviewed by the manager and the owner of the company, which interestingly enough was a man. Anyways having two people during the interview process is always more unnerving than one but we seemed to get along good and even though I was a bit nervous I felt comfortable with them both so that's always a good thing. Jo (the manager) said she'd call and let me know in the next couple of days, so all I can do is wait and see....

Oh but when I left the interview and was putting my stuff back in the card I noticed my reflection in my car window and wouldn't you know it my hair was all "wild". I had my hair pulled back in a bun thingy and well a big chunk must have come undone somewhere between this morning and 2pm. I was like UGH nice!! It looked ok this morning but I didn't have time to check it before I went in to the interview so nothing I can do about it now LOL.

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