Friday, July 17, 2009

BoBunny Design Team

Ok so I may be a little out of my league here, but I'm going to be submitting to the BoBunny design team. I need to submit a page layout, card and another project of my choice. Using 75% bo bunny products. I already wrote my submission letter, now all I need to do is get creative and submit the photos of my projects.

Does anyone have any suggestions what I should do, any tricks of the trade. I never submitted to a design team before so is there anything I should know? Is there anything they usually look for?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Wish me luck.


  1. First of all have some belief in yourself .... you may not get on its a fact of life but ....your stuff is cute and there are tons of teams out there ... have you tried Splitcoast stampers. com they have tons of posts of people looking for design team members ... Thats where I post when I am looking.

    Remember the worst they can say is no ... you never know though maybe I will toss in a good word for you ... see if it does anything ... Matt is a friend of mine on Facebook LOL

  2. My main thing about my projects was I didn't have a whole lot of BoBunny stuff to work with. My "local" store is ~45 Minutes away and they didn't have much left of what I needed. So by the time I got out to the store and picked up the little bit extra they had, that took off about 3-4 days of potential creative time. I couldn't even plan what I wanted to make cuz I wasn't sure what supplies I'd have. I was so paranoid about not having the required 75% BoBunny product LOL.

    Oh well, like you said the worst they can say is no.

    I'll go check out that that you had mentioned too.

    I applied to the BoBunny call because I really like their I figured it wouldn't hurt to apply.

    And it was fun, I otherwise wouldn't have made anything. So now I have a little mini album of my birthday mini golf adventures LOL.

    Thanks Melissa