Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Catch up...

Okay I've been terribly neglecting of my blog but seriously I doubt that I get much traffic lol.  Anyhoo I'll post pics of what I've been working on lately....

Oh and before I do that I want to plug my friend Peggie Solesbee's Blog and our new FaceBook Page "Altered Perceptions" join us there on FB for montly challenges and swaps and show us what you've been working on, alter egos welcome heehee

Okay now onto the photos.......

This is a 2x2 canvas I made for my friend Peggie 
she's a good scrappy friend of mine 
and I sent this along with the Valentines banner swap she's hosting as an early V-day present

This is the "V" I was responsible for in Peggies banner swap.
Once I get all the peices back it'll spell VALENTINE

This is a 2x2 canvas I made for a lady in the Un-Birthday swap I'm in.  Her fav colors are pale yellow and grey I used elements of those two colors so hopefully she likes it.....

This little beaut is a twinchie I made for a swap I'm in.  I'm in two groups Vintage and Nature, I still have to make my nature one but this one I made for the Vintage group.  I downloaded a picture and sized it to 2x2, distressed it, applied crackle, and distressed that after it dried, hotglued the lace, pearls and distressed flower. Really like how it turned out. 

This is another 2x2 canvas, I made this for the first Un-Birthday recipient 

Well that's all for now, thanks for checking in.  Will try and be more current in my postings, but honestly FB is winning out due to its ease of posting and having the app on my phone at a fingers length away....  ;) Ahhhh how lazy one gets with technology making it so easy to become that way.


  1. Hey Sabrina! Love all of them! I can't wait to swap with you again! You are so talented!

    1. You're so sweet Nicole, I love your stuff too!!!! I'll swap with you anytime!!